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A. Government Record, Municipal Record

"Government Record/Municipal Record" Heritage Items
Item Title Index
Fact Sheet: Town of Lincoln Municipal Building (Town of Lincoln) A 1
1917 Proceedings of the May and August Sessions of the Municipal Council of the County of Lincoln A 2
Village of Beamsville, Ont.: Report of Auditor, March 21, 1908 A 3
Official Opening and Dedication Township of Clinton Municipal Building June 1, 1964 A 4
Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of the Village of Beamsville: from January 1, 1960 A 5
Receipts and Expenditures Concerning Community Christmas Tree (photocopy) A 6
Beamsville Board of Trade (1921-1929) (photocopy) A 7
Petition to Town Council Concerning the Building of the Town Hall (Beamsville)(photocopy) A 8
Regional Municipality of Niagara; 25 years of Service; 1970-1995 A 9
Corporation of the Village of Beamsville by-law no. 180 J 13
Township of Clinton 1783: Minute Book A 10
The Municipality of the Village of Beamsville to the Municipality of the Township of Clinton: Deed of Town Hall Property in Beamsville A 11
Louth Township Council 1880's Appendix E-1
Clinton Township Minute Book 1793-1842 and 1878-1879 Appendix D-1
Council Pictures: Clinton, Beamsville, Lincoln, Louth Appendix E-1
Beamsville Ontario Fresh Water Supply "Key Plan" A 12
Declaration of Office Forms for Pound Keeper, Auditor, Pathmaster, Assessor and Collector 1884-1914 Appendix D-1
Lease Agreement and Correspondence Concerning Hugh Sinclair and the Imperial Munitions Board, 1918-1919 Appendix D-1
Petition to Reeve and Municipal Council of Beamsville concerning Assessment of Property, December 1880 Appendix D-1
Petition to Reeve and Deputy Reeve and Councillors of the Township of Clinton to Counteract a previous petition for a grant to the High School Appendix D-1
Voters List of the Municipality of the Township of Clinton, County of Lincoln 1910-1912 Appendix D-1
Louth Township, Council Minutes, 1855-1874, 1875-1887 Appendix D-8
Louth Township, Council Minutes, 1887-1899, 1899-1908, 1909-1915, 1915-1923, 1931-1939 Appendix D-9
Louth Township, Council Minutes, 1939-1944 Appendix D-10
Civic Records of St. Catharines Appendix D-2
Louth Township Council, Letter Book and Miscellaneous Records 1850-1903 Appendix D-7
Louth Township Treasurer: Ledger 1875-1897 Appendix D-7
Township of Louth: Register 1793-1850 Appendix D-7
Township Council of Louth Minute Book, By-laws, Letter Book, 1850-1861 Appendix D-11
Upper Canada Petitions, 1815-1819 Appendix D-14