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CC. Genealogy

"Geneology" Heritage Items
Item Title Index
Jacob Beam: c. 1728-1812 (Beamsville Public Library) CC 1
Beam Family History CC 2
Beam Family History: A Letter from Mrs. Lewis William Beam, Abingdon, Illinois, 1979 CC 3
Copy of Will of Jacob Beam, Dec. 15, 1857 CC 4
Beamer, John and Anna: Correspondence, 1792 and 1804 CC 5
Corwin Family CC 6
Genealogy: The Corwin Family CC 7
History of that Branch of the Crysler Family who Settled in the Township of Niagara CC 8
Dryden Family, 1296-1989 CC 9
Eckers of Clinton, Gainsborough and the Mohawk Valley CC 10
Foster Family of Louth CC 11
Fry Family CC 12
Hexes and Heather CC 13
High-Hoch Family: Miscellaneous Notes CC 14
Hoch-High Family CC 15
Genealogy: The Hixon Family CC 16
Hixon Family CC 17
House Family Genealogy CC 18
Outline of the Haus (House) Family CC 19
Descendants of Robert Huntsman: A Niagara Pioneer CC 20
Dielman Kolb, of Tinicum Township: The Father of the First Mennonites in Canada CC 21
Kratz Family Bible CC 22
Kratz Family History: A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John Valentine Kratz with Brief Historical and Biographical Sketches, Portraits and other Illustrations CC 23
Moyer Family Bible CC 25
Moyer Family History CC 26
Moyer Family History CC 27
Family Charts of Dilman Moyer, Rev. Jacob Moyer, 1767-1833 and Isaac Wismer CC 28
History of the Family Squire John Moyer, 1801-1876 and Catharine High, 1809-1859 CC 30
Henry Orth History CC 31
Orth Family Tree CC 32
History of the Parr Family in Canada and the United States CC 33
Pattersons of Kings County, Nova Scotia CC 34
Rittenhouse Family (photocopy) CC 37
Root Family Genealogy CC 38
Secord Family CC 40
Dennis Lanning Smith: 1838 Bible Records and Letter CC 41
Descendants of the Hon. Ernest D'Israeli Smith, 1853-1948 CC 42
Genealogical Notes on the Walters Family in the Niagara Peninsula and Allied Families CC 43
Wardells and Vosburghs: Records of a Loyalist Family CC 44
Charles Wingrove Family CC 45
James Wingrove History CC 46
Richard Wingrove CC 47
Thomas Wingrove History CC 48
Zimmerman Family CC 49
Family Register - Miscellaneous Families (photocopy) CC 50
Miscellaneous Families CC 51
Jamaican Plantation owned by James Allan (photocopy) CC 52
The Reesor Family in Canada: A Trail through the Centuries, 1804-1980 CC 53
Gordon Family History CC 54
George Cosby Family CC 55
The Family of Edward Franklin and Mary Elizabeth Griswold Rittenhouse CC 56
History of Isaac Culp CC 61
Generations of the John and Mary Tufford Family CC 109
Resource for Henry, Zimmerman, Carpenter, Snyder, Boughner AA 1
Estate of Jacob Moote (photocopy) T 10
Estate of Jacob Moote T 10
Miscellaneous People and Family Pictures Appendix E-3-2
Funeral Card-Margaret Hipple 1915 Appendix D-1
Moore Family History Appendix D-2
Hayder Family History Appendix D-2
Price Family Pictures Appendix D-2
Various Death Notices: Beamer, High, Mitchener, Moyer, Rittenhouse, Staff Appendix D-4
Moyer Family History Appendix D-4
High Family History Appendix D-4
Moore Family History Appendix D-13
Hayder Family History Appendix D-13
Price Family Papers 1829-1858 Appendix D-13