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C. Biography

"Biography" Heritage Items
Item Title Index
Annals of the Forty C 1
Pioneer Families of Canadian Niagara Frontier: Buffalo Evening News, Saturday, May 2, 1931 C 2
Pioneers Of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the Colonies C 3
Planters and Pioneers C 4
Published Family Genealogies: A Union List of Library Holdings in the Niagara Region C 5
Readings in Ontario Genealogical Sources C 6
Resources for Genealogy, Local History and Immigration Studies C 7
Dictionary of Hamilton Biography C 8
Canadian German Folklore: Samuel Fry the Weaver and Mennonites of the Twenty C 9
Canadian German Folklore: Samuel Fry the Weaver and Mennonites of the Twenty C 10
Ships that Came to the New World, 1620-1686 C 11
Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada C 30
Using Archives: A Practical Guide for Researchers C 31
Brock University Library Listing of Genealogical Research Material AA 1
St. Catharines Public Library Special Collections Listing AA 1
Biography of the Hon. W. H. Merritt, M. P., of Lincoln, district of Niagara CC 24
Memoirs of the Life of David Rittenhouse CC 35
Genea-Biographical History of the Rittenhouse Family and all its Branches in America CC 36
Story of Laura Secord and Canadian Reminiscences CC 39
Searching Scottish Ancestry: A Memorial Edition Families, v. 21, no. 4 (Ontario Genealogical Society) C 12
Routes to the Past: Proceedings of O.G.S. Seminar '81 McMaster University Hamilton, ON (Ontario Genealogical Society) C 13
Johnson of the Mohawks: A Biography of Sir William Johnson, Irish Immigrant, Mohawk War Chief, American Soldier, Empire Builder C 14
Janet Carnochan C 15
Golden Thread C 16
Life and Work of R. Janet Powell C 17
Uncle Abram: A Very Singular Moote C 18
Reference Sources for Canadian Genealogy (National Library of Canada) C 19
Essays by Moses F. Rittenhouse (photocopy) C 20
Moses F. Rittenhouse Diaries 1864, Essays, Writings C 21
Moses F. Rittenhouse Diaries 1864, Essays, Writings - Duplicate C 22
Rittenhouse Family Letters (photocopy) C 23
Letters to Moses F. Rittenhouse (photocopy) C 24
Who's Who in America C 25
Canadian Men and Women of the Time C 26
Ontarian Families: Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and Other Pioneer Families C 27
People of Ontario 1600-1900 Volume 1 C 28-1
People of Ontario 1600-1900 Volume 2 C 28-2
People of Ontario 1600-1900 Volume 3 C 28-3
Jim and Don Sinclair: Commemorative Ceremony C 29
The Reesor Family in Canada: A Trail Through the Centuries, 1804-1980 CC 53
Loyalist Ancestors: Some Families of the Hamilton Area (United Empire Loyalists) D 63
Hometown History, Highlighting Your Heritage: Researching a Property H 3
Family Register: Emerson Grobb, Lawrence Hipple, John Hipple, Jacob Houser, Mathias Martin Appendix D-1
Housser Family History Appendix D-1
Marriage Certificate of Alexander Allan and Rosa McLauglin 1849 Appendix D-1
Marriage Certificate for Jacob Houser and Margaret Hipple 1864 Appendix D-1
Memorial Cards Appendix D-2
Various Memorial Cards Appendix D-13