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I. Agriculture/Gardening

"Agriculture/Gardening" Heritage Items
Agriculture: One of the Niagara Region's Most Important Industries I 1
Appendix B, Containing Returns Relating to the Soil, Climate, Topographical Feature (Ontario Agricultural Society) I 2
Early Pennsylvania German"Four Square Garden' in Ontario I 3
Horticultural Experiment Station and Products Laboratory: The First Fifty Years I 4
Story of Beamsville Fair: 1857-1957 I 5
Story of Beamsville Fair: 1857-1957 I 6
History of Agriculture in Ontario, 1613-1880 I 7
Copy of the Report to the Ontario Agricultural Commission: Township of Louth I 8
Sleepy Hollow Nature Notes I 9
Barred Rock Fruit Farm: Mating List, 1930 I 10
Agriculture and Farm Life in the Niagara Peninsula: Proceedings, Fifth Annual Niagara Peninsula History Conference I 11
Union Show and Fair: of the Clinton, Louth, North and South Grimsby Agricultural Societies, Oct. 4th & 5th I 12
Clinton and Louth Fall Fair: Beamsville, Sept. 21-22, 1917 I 13
Rittenhouse School and Gardens: Jordan Harbor, Lincoln County, Ontario L 16
Agriculture Appendix E-3-4
Draining for Profit and Health I 14
The Elements of Agriculture: A Book for Young Farmers I 15
Exhibitor's Prize List - Lincoln County Fair - 2009 I 24
Ontario Agriculture Commission Report from Louth Township County, May 21, 1880 (Reeve F. Wyatt) Appendix D-1
Horticultural Experimental Station Appendix D-11
Grower's Cooperative Limited- 50th Anniversary Program Appendix D-11