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The following information has been gathered from the pages of Beamsville Express and the Lincoln Post Express. The original microfilm documents, dating from 1902, are available at the Moses F. Rittenhouse Library in Vineland, Ontario, Canada. Every effort has been made to record the information accurately, but we can not take responsibility for any transcription errors.
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Format: 2020
Record Type Last Namesort descending First Name Paper1 Page 1 Paper 2 Page 2 Related Last Name 1 Related First Name 1 Relationship 1 Related Last Name 2 Related First Name 2 Other Reference
Birth Adams Daughter 1972-06-21 8 Father
Marriage Adams Dorothy Ruth 1944-05-31 1 Spouse
Marriage Adams E. Ruth 1981-01-07 7 Spouse
Marriage Adams Susie L. 1907-04-11 5 Spouse
Death Adamson Kate Mollison 1974-03-13 2
Marriage Adamson Lois Jean 1951-02-21 4 Spouse
Death Addy Arthur Herbert 1949-02-16 1
Death Aderichin Andre 1978-01-18 2
Birth Adkin daughter 1899-09-21 6 Father
Death Adkin Edward 1922-09-06 8